Bearded? Then you must use beard oil... Here is why!

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When we think of beards we think wisdom, elegance, stylish and brave words like these. Beards changes your appeal and give you a unique style, handsomeness and awesomeness. However, most men don’t know what beard oil would do to them. You need to take care of your beard just like you take care of your hair as both complement to your overall grooming and appearance. You beard need to be brushed using the right brush and of course, use the right beard oil.
Got beard, then must use beard oil. Beard oil will keep your beard clean, healthy and well-groomed.
Before we list the benefits, what is beard oil anyways?
It is aesthetic oil made only for the beard and It contains vitamins and nutrients needed by your beard hair to make it healthier. Beard oils contain one or more of the following: jojoba oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, aloe vera extracts, and many others. It is also often being scented to make the experience more enjoyable.
Here are top 7 reasons why beard oil is very beneficial:

Beard oil acts as a moisturizer.

Beard oil moisturizes your beard hair follicles and the skin underneath it. Beard oil prevents your beard from getting dry and brittle especially when you are living in a dry weather (like most regions of Saudi Arabia). Aside from this, beard oil protects your beard from beardruff [قشرة\هبرية] flaking and itchiness. Beardruff? This may be surprising but many gentlemen suffer from it. That’s why, your beard must be sufficiently vitalized to avoid getting that itchy and flaking feels when you get dandruff.

Smell awesome

Who doesn’t like to smell good, attractive and awesome? Your “smelling good” routine doesn’t end in wearing your favorite perfume or applying that scented shampoo. There are many scented beard oils available in the market that has the following scents: tobacco, citrus, vanilla, sandalwood and cedar wood.
Neat, combed and elegant looking beard
Beard oil also makes your beard look even better. Beard oils give your beard a nice shine and make its texture fuller and more manageable. Beard oil prevent your beard hair from flying all over the place (sprinkled beard).

Helps the patchy beards

Having patchy beards is the last thing a guy wants. Batches are these areas in your beard where hair does not grow. Although beard oil does not cause hair growth, it can help by nurture and supply vitamins to the places where hair doesn’t grow.

Helps preventing acnes [حب الشباب]

Acne could show up when hair follicles and pores get blocked so bacteria cannot go out of the skin. To help clear the clogs on your hair follicles, a beard oil could come handy as it goes deep in your hair roots.

Beard oil for sensitive skin

Allergies on your face can show up regularly if your facial hairs don’t have enough grooming and cleaning, especially when you have a sensitive skin. Beard oil can protect your facial skin from these allergies, especially those beard oils made from 100% natural ingredients.

Beard oil increases your confidence

When you take good care of your beard you will for sure take care of looks which is great for self-confidence and self-esteem.
Lastly, beards without maintenance and proper grooming must be avoided. Don’t allow your beard to be dry and shaggy. Always remember, the longer your beard is, the more beard oil you need. Use beard oil, and beardbrave.
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