What can you do to fill the gaps in your Facial hair?

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A beard is a symbol of every man’s masculinity. They say that the thicker, the better. But what will you do when you really aspire to have that bustling facial bush yet you see some patches on your facial hair upon having a glimpse of the mirror?

Patches on your facial hair is certainly the most dreaded situation almost every guy hopes not to happen to them. You need to accept the fact that not all beards are created the same as every guy in the world. However, every problem comes with solutions. Your facial hair grows better for guys in their early adult years so if you’re on the millennial to the young adult generation, then you still have the choice to have that beard as flourishing as Zach Galifianakis’s. There is no shortcut in having a full-blown facial bush in a few hours, nor there is an instant solution to your patchy facial hair. But with your patience, determination and diligence, you can achieve that full-blown beards.

  1. Give your beard the freedom to grow

Just like a child, your beard also needs freedom for it to grow completely. You don’t make your beard face the wrath of a razor the moment you see some patches. Instead, try to control yourself in shaving and give your beard at least a month for it to grow. That could mean a whole month of itchiness and discomfort but everything will be worth it. Just let it grow the way it wants to be and just check the situation after a month of freedom. If you already allowed a month of freedom for your beard then it’s the time to mold it according to your preferences.


  1. Keep it short and simple

If the whole month of beard freedom doesn’t solve your patchy problems, then its now time to consider having a short beard. You can start by buying a beard shaver that you can adjust the length. Just focus in shaping your cheeks and jawline. This way, patches won’t be conspicuous while still having enough facial hair that still makes you a member of the beard club. Anyway, that hermit look is so not on the trend nowadays.


  1. Comb it

If your beard is now unmanageable because of too much freedom, then a brush or a comb will be your tool in managing and controlling your beard. But just brush it to the extent that it would be already manageable and makes it healthier. Don’t forget to shampoo it and apply beard oil.


  1. Have a healthy diet

If you experience patchy or facial hair loss, then you should take foods and other supplements that has a rich biotin content. Biotin is proven to stimulate hair growth, and that includes your facial hair. Hunting for biotin won’t also be a problem as it can be found on common foods such as eggs, milk and carrots.


  1. Facial Hair Transplants

It could be your most extreme option, but it is worth considering especially if you are desperate to have that fully grown facial hair.

Having a patchy facial hair can be a bit of a problem for some guys, but thanks to these tips, you can now say goodbye to patchy beards and say hello to that beard that is so manly and appealing.

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