This is our story


We feel bad every time we see great beards being left ungroomed, looking flakey and itchy. Beardbrave is on a mission to change this. The current common traditional norm is that “”beards are just facial hair that grows long with time and you can trim here and there as you wish”” We don’t like this definition at Beardbrave and we want to make a transformation! We think that beards should become a “style statement” to enhance men’s appearance by looking urban, professional and elegant. At Beardbrave we believe that well-groomed, maintained and styled beards will help forming and this statement which will eventually enhance the Quality of life as a whole.


Our Goal


‘’ To Improve the Saudi Gentlemen’s Quality of Life through High-End Men’s Grooming Products ‘’

How we will do it

 1. Change how beardsmen groom & style their beards

2. Elevate confidence through high-end grooming products

3. Provide great content aimed towards improving the gentlemen’s lifestyle